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The United Kingdom has a stable legal environment and one of the world’s most dynamic, innovative and sophisticated centre of finance. With an unparalleled concentration of capital and execution capability, more overseas investors and financial institutions choose to operate in the UK than anywhere else.

The UK government has set one of its prime goals as to reduce the burden of regulation on businesses. The World Bank ranks the UK highly in the World as a location for running a business and a UK company can be established within 24 hours.

Our multi-lingual UK servicing team provide the full range of services for managing a UK company and ensuring it remains compliant under UK regulations. We focus on providing bespoke private client services and have considerable experience in assisting our clients, ranging from immigration matters to selecting wealth managers.

We act as a one-stop service base for our private, corporate, and institutional clients to offer tailored solutions. This includes a network of specialist advisers that we work closely with and with whom we have built strong professional relationships.

The UK:

  • has a low rate of corporation tax, currently 19%
  • exempts most dividends received from subsidiaries from corporation tax
  • has an exemption from capital gains tax on the disposal of trading subsidiaries
  • does not levy withholding tax on dividend distributions from a company to its parent company or individual shareholders
  • does not charge capital gains tax on profits arising from the sale of shares in UK companies by non-resident shareholders
  • offers extensive reliefs for business investment
  • offers generous tax benefits for expenditure on qualifying research and development
  • has a remittance basis of taxation for non-UK domiciled individuals



Services offered

  • Incorporation, administration and transactional
  • Real estate
  • Executive, board and employee solutions
  • Accounting solutions, payroll and management reporting
  • Immigration
  • Tax compliance
  • Start-ups
  • Capital markets and corporate finance

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