Considering the fact that the Principality of Liechtenstein is a small country, its economy is highly diversified. In addition to competitive local businesses and a globally focused high-tech export sector, the financial services sector is of enormous importance to the country.

Liechtenstein is a signatory to European and international business treaties such as the EEA Treaty, the EFTA Treaty and the WTO, creating ideal conditions for the export industry.

The Principality is characterised by remarkable political continuity and stability, a calculable legal system and a social environment, as well as liberal economic policies.

To satisfy the highest requirements, the government has created an effective and progressive educational system and enjoys close ties with more than thirty Universities and their Research & Development institutions, located in and around Liechtenstein. It is this unique convergence of industry, innovation, education and entrepreneurship, together with an active and enthusiastic government support, that makes Liechtenstein an ideal hub for international companies

In geographical terms, Liechtenstein lies between Switzerland and Austria in the center of the Alpine arc and, with a total area of only 160 km2, is the fourth smallest country in Europe. It has around 36,000 inhabitants.


The Principality of Liechtenstein is determined to maintain its appeal to domestic and foreign companies. To facilitate tax matters for businesses, an improved corporate taxation system has been implemented. The introduction of a Flat Rate Tax of 12.5% for businesses ensures a low, easy to calculate tax figure, reducing the accounting necessary to declare corporate taxes. New is also the manner in which the tax system deals with intellectual property.

The improved tax laws are designed to encourage research, development, and innovation in Liechtenstein. Positive yields from intellectual property rights – such as patents, trademarks, models and utility models – have a tax deduction of 80% of their summation; there are also dividend tax exemption and other deductions to be considered, making Liechtenstein very attractive.

Services offered

  • Administration of entities (companies, foundations, trusts)
  • Providing directorship / foundation council / trusteeship*
  • Providing domicile / legal representative
  • General corporate services
  • Accounting and reporting (budget, liquidity planning)
  • Private, business and corporate advisory*
  • Payments and other administrational tasks
  • Compliance services
  • Liechtenstein VAT* and coordination of EU VAT*
  • Salary and tax administration
  • Family office tasks (pa functions, apartments, travel etc.)
  • Secretarial services / FL office management
  • Coordination and management of services by other professionals


*Services subject to cooperation with local licensed service providers. AFB Services does not carry out any activities that require a special license under the laws of Liechtenstein.

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  • German
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  • Italian
  • Dutch

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