Fréderique Didwania - van Gelderen

Fréderique Didwania - van Gelderen is an international Structuring Advisor with Athos and Managing Director of the firm's Dutch Office. She started her career in the financial services industry with a leading global fiduciary services firm in the Netherlands. Subsequently she studied Tax Law at the University of Rotterdam during which she joined a top tier international tax consultancy firm in the Netherlands. Before returning to the Netherlands in 2014 Fréderique worked 6 years with the Athos head office in Switzerland. Since 2010 Fréderique leads the Indian desk of Athos and assists high net worth families, active entrepreneurs and corporate groups with the creation and implementation of international structures for expansion, asset protection or to fulfill various other corporate or private goals. Furthermore Fréderique is the Managing Director of Athos Capital Partners in the Netherlands.


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