Global Tax Planning

International tax rules are constantly changing and planning can be complex, especially when the legislation of several jurisdictions has to be aligned upfront, and there are many fundamental and practical issues to be considered before a proper and solid decision can be made. Finding tax-efficient solutions requires careful attention to ensure that the wishes and needs of each involved party are fulfilled. With proper advice from experienced experts, not only at the outset but each time a situation changes, numerous problems can be avoided and tax liabilities may be reduced substantially.

Through Athos Group our clients have access to a unique, worldwide network of specialist lawyers, tax consultants, investment advisors, and other professionals who are experts in their fields. We combine the expertise of these professionals to provide you with excellent advice and service. Together with local experts we analyse each client's situation carefully, present available options, develop a plan of action and make it happen. By working closely together as a team, within the Athos group of companies and with external advisors, Athos Group ensures that knowledge and experience is shared so that the specific details of each case are considered from all relevant perspectives.