Estate Planning

Athos Group provides professional assistance essential to the succession planning of clients who own assets in several jurisdictions. This involves complex areas of international private law and tax law. International estate planning requires both careful and professional attention as well as the involvement of international specialists, to ensure that the wishes of the individual are truly fulfilled.

With proper advice, not only at the outset but each time a client's situation changes, matrimonial, succession and tax problems may be avoided. Unless professional advice is sought at an early stage, multi-jurisdictional succession and inheritance tax problems can arise on death. The law of one jurisdiction may well override another with unintended and perhaps disastrous consequences. At worst a client's wishes may be overturned, the estate subjected to considerable taxes, and heirs faced with long running and complex problems to resolve.

Without appropriate arrangements, taxes payable upon a person’s death can greatly diminish a family's wealth. There are, however, numerous methods available to reduce, avoid or defer estate, wealth and income taxes. These can include wills, trusts and foundations, relocations, companies, gifts, charitable contributions, life insurance and annuities, and other international financial instruments.

Athos Group will analyse each individual situation carefully, present available options, develop a plan of action and make it happen. By working closely together as a team, together with external experts, our consultants pool their knowledge and experience so that the specific details of each client's case are considered from all relevant perspectives.