Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions

Athos Private Equity Partners (hereinafter “Athos PEP”) emerged from Athos Group as a provider of brokerage services for Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and Corporate Finance Ventures. Athos Group is a boutique firm active in the field of trust and corporate services, focused on family owned businesses with international links. Often, these families are quite large and have complex structures. Within Athos Group we focus on creating and maintaining a strong and close relationship with our clients and as such build up a good understanding of our clients’ businesses and their needs.

Our involvement with these families enables us to identify certain needs (M&A, Corporate Finance, etc.) of our clients, which we, based on our wide and well established network of various professional parties in the financial industry and our long term experience in the financial services sector, are able to fulfil.

Often we see clients looking to sell (parts of) their business, vice versa we see businesses looking for investment opportunities which would fit into their business model (M&A transactions). Our M&A offering consist of:

  • introducing parties
  • engagement of professional parties with knowledge of the specific business areas involved as well as legal and tax advisors, and
  • if desired, coordinating the sales process.


Furthermore, we have clients looking to attract cost efficient funding to expand their local or international operations for whom we can facilitate the transactions since we have a network with (ultra) high net worth individuals who are looking for interesting debt instruments (Corporate Finance). As Athos Group is managing certain structures for clients interested in raising finance (companies mainly established in The Netherlands and / or in other Western European countries), we could assist with the structuring of debt instruments issued by these companies to investors interested in acquiring such instruments. As interest rates are low and investors are looking for higher yields with an acceptable risk, these debt instruments might be an attractive investment opportunity.

A large number of our corporate clients are located in India. Our Indian client base includes many of the top 100 businesses across the country. These clients are usually very large internationally operating companies in various sectors.

Above services are handled by Athos PEP. Athos PEP currently has a presence in Switzerland (Zug), India (Delhi) and The Netherlands (Amsterdam). Our management is robust with an extensive experience in the financial services industry and with strong networks across Europe and India.